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Welcome to Montserrat, where we blend tradition and innovation to create the finest Belgian chocolate. Our products are 100% Belgian and of the highest quality. Explore our range of chocolates, each a testament to our commitment to health and taste.

About Us

Montserrat, a family-owned brand, blends traditional Belgian techniques with sustainable practices to craft the finest chocolates.

Montserrat’s journey began in 1986 with a vision to create the finest Belgian chocolates. From a small garage operation, we’ve grown into an established name in the chocolate industry, celebrated for our commitment to quality, sustainability, and exceptional taste. We source our cocoa with respect for people and nature, embodying our dedication to sustainability. When you choose Montserrat, you’re choosing a family-owned company that harmoniously blends quality, sustainability, and the rich heritage of Belgian chocolate making.

The Montserrat Advantage

100% Belgian Quality

Reduced sugar
Clean label

Montserrat Chocolate Productions

We help you to develop a chocolate that corresponds to your needs.


Diameter 2 cm
Parameters like viscosity and yield are possible to adjust.


10.000 — 500 pcs/kg
Bakestable, Vibrated or Regular custom options available


5 kg chocolate blocks
custom options available

Chunks & Chips

Small chunks or Long sticks
For biscuits or muesli


our couverture freshly delivered, ready for you to use

Sugar Free

indulging chocolate with reduced sugar content or sugar-free


the sweet touch for you ketogenic diet


better for the environment and animals


from ingredients grown in a sustainable way

Chocolatier Montserrat

seashells, eggs

other seasonal products

Chocolate Bars

Private Label

We prioritise quality and flexibility. Please don’t hesitate to contact us without obligation.

Certifications and Recognitions

In our pursuit of excellence, we’ve garnered prestigious certifications that underscore our dedication to superior quality and ethical practices:

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IFE london



Free From Amsterdam

ISM 2023

ISM 2022

Powered by the Sun

At Montserrat, sustainability is our promise. Our 736 solar panels quietly convert sunlight into clean energy, reducing our carbon footprint and powering chocolate production. We source ethically, support fair trade, and craft responsible chocolates. Join us in savoring the sweetness of responsible chocolate-making, one sunbeam at a time.

We make healthy, sustainable and above all tasty, fair-trade chocolate products!